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On average, the insurer will earn.


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On average, the insurer will earn somewhere. This means that if 100 people have fire insurance, and one person’s house is burnt down and is claiming it, the insurance company will pay the claim and remain solvent. If 20 people burn their homes, it may be enough to pay all claims, but solvency may be at risk. If all 100 people claim for fire insurance, the insurance company is likely to go bankrupt.

If the average claim for a particular event remains the same, and money is to be made based on that average, then the business can continue as long as it is true. If this rate suddenly increases, then profitability will decrease, or vice versa. There are two types of “no fault auto insurance”.

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The most common type is a pure form that limits liability and a person has the right to sue in a car accident except for major injuries, serious neglect and some other reasons. Most car accidents that occur under defective car insurance coverage simply claim damage and injury costs with no punitive or annoying claims. There is no excuse to drive without insurance.

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You also cannot blame the insurance company for failing to report any expiry policy. When the vehicle is in use and you do not have a valid insurance policy covering the vehicle, you have essentially committed a crime on the road.

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