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The most useful insurance

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The most useful insurance for foreigners in Germany is legal aid insurance. Foreigners are often confronted with various situations (inconsistent with employers, neighbors, road accidents, etc.), which is different from how they are treated in their home countries. Legal aid insurance compensates you for all court expenses.

Experiences in Germany are expensive. All fees must be paid in advance. The amount of the fee usually depends on the disputed amount. For example, if it represents € 10,000, the fee can be as much as € 9,000. Therefore, if you have legal aid insurance, the insurance company will pay your expenses. In addition, this insurance usually covers the loss of a driver’s license, losses resulting from conflicts with tax authorities, landlords, inheritance tips, and more. However, family issues are not included.

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Many apartments have been selected, although they have not been included in the expansion of anti-terrorism insurance; However, in view of the identity of Qdime, it may be known again. It is often decided not to extend insurance against terrorism to a group of apartments around an emotional argument that is not a large-scale threat, perhaps because the risk of air pollution is not fully understood. is.

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Your street may be safe, but what about the opposite direction? And how do you know? The younger you are, the lower the monthly installment costs – the amount you pay each month for protection. Premiums are calculated based on two factors – your age (and public health) and the amount of your security in dollars. this is easy. A $ 100,000 life insurance policy will not cost $ 500,000 because you buy less protection. A survey shows that 45% of British men and 38% of women are insured for life coverage. Again, both percentages are very low.

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Furthermore, women who do not earn in the same year do not feel the urgent need for insurance. Cancer research says that more than 130 women die every day from breast cancer. With the increasing number of women’s health issues, women should not have them without life insurance cover. Again, one in three people is likely to suffer from a serious illness.

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