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The ATV is finished, but the Devs don’t want you to build it! Last Day on Earth

The ATV is the key to unlocking the swamp areas, which includes a third tier of resources like Birch and Titan, but the Devs don’t want you to get it yet, because if you did, you would stop playing the game.

In May of last year, Kefir released their first road map for the development of Last Day on Earth. At that time, they had just replaced the Big One with the Witch in the Infected Forest and laid out several more updates to come with the last four being far more exciting than the others. They stayed true to this road map at first, adding the RPG system change and enemies that could damage you in Sector 7. Later, they added the Farm and weapon modifications. But as they got closer to the promised ATV update, they began to diverge from their plan and started adding more events like the Convoy and the Police Station. Around that time, which was five months after they released the initial roadmap, they released a second roadmap. This new roadmap included clans in Sector 7, more new locations and events, and was the first hint that they would be making big changes to how the motorcycle worked in Last Day on Earth. You’ll notice that, again, the last four updates on the second roadmap were the most exciting. But, as they progressed through this roadmap, around the time they got close to the ATV update, they diverged yet again from the plan. This was also about five months after they released the second roadmap, and you’ll notice that while the second roadmap had some exciting updates on it, the ATV is nowhere to be found. Some of us theorized that the secret update might be the ATV, but now that it’s been five months and they are diverging from the plan again, we are starting to notice a pattern in when they diverge from their stated plan. 

It seems that the devs of Last Day on Earth will do anything they can to not release the ATV update. The question we have now is, “Why not?” We know that it is not because the devs think the players don’t want the ATV update. 11 months ago, the devs sent out a poll asking players which updates they were most excited about, and the ATV and multiplayer updates won by a landslide. We also know that it is not because they are having trouble developing the ATV because they have been showing us footage of the devs using the ATV and gathering resources from the swamp zone for over a year.

Now, anytime the devs do something we don’t like, a lot of players will accuse them of doing it for the money, but we also know that this is not true, because they have clearly already paid to have it developed and introducing a third tier of resources is, historically, the best way for them to increase revenue. So if it is none of those reasons, then I would like to posit the theory that Kefir is stalling. The ATV and multiplayer are what the players have been most excited about. Sector 7 has ruined multiplayer for a lot of us, so the ATV is all they have left. If they give us the ATV update without having something else in the works, they may lose even more players than they already have. 

If my first theory is correct, then that leads to my SECOND secret theory. I believe Kefir is stalling because their main focus is releasing a full game rather than developing a beta. Last Day on Earth began as a beta, but now that they have more money than they know what to do with, I think they are changing their tactic without telling us and that their updates on the beta are just designed to keep us interested, meanwhile, behind the scenes, they are developing way more content than what they are showing us.

And the ATV is not the only reason I think this. Obviously, they have developed the ATV and aren’t releasing it, but in addition to that, Kefir is always posting pictures about new things they are developing that we never end up seeing in the game, like all of these places they’ve sent their employees to research for developing new locations in the game. Sending your employee to do stuff like this is not cheap. So, they would not be doing this if they didn’t have some kind of plan to make money later on. 

So I think they are developing content to release in a full game because if they continue to develop the game as they have – a little at a time – they will lose even more momentum than they already have; however, if they save up a ton of content so they can release a full game, where 75% is stuff we haven’t seen before, that might get many of the people who have walked away from the game to try it again. 

So, I think Kefir is holding off releasing the ATV so they can retain current player excitement without showing us the other content they are trying to keep secret  

Well. That’s it guys. If you agree with my theory or think you have a better one, let me know in a comment below. 

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All right guys. I”ll see you next time.